Download instructions

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The modules, including all examples, notes and videos, are available as Zip files for downloading in three steps:

  1. Register once free of charge

    Your registration details will be used solely for internal purposes and will not be communicated to third parties. We will inform you immediately whenever the modules are updated.
  2. Login using your e-mail adress

    As soon as you click for the first time on a download link in one of the lists of modules, you will automatically be prompted to enter the e-mail adress that you provided at registration (Figure 1).
    Note: the login window closes once you have logged in. You must then click again on the download link in order to start the process.
    Alternatively, you can always log in and out in the yellow footer of the web page. You will be logged out automatically after a certain period of inactivity.
  3. Download the module files in zip or pptx format

    After downloading the Zip files, unpack them on your PC. You will require a suitable program for this purpose, such as 7-zip (freeware). In order for links within a module to work properly after the modules have been downloaded, all files of a module must be saved in the same folder. To read the content of the lecturers' presentation notes, you must activate the notes window within Powerpoint.

File formats used and software requirements

  • pptx; docx; zip; mpeg4 and wmv
  • Microsoft Office, Libri-Office (Linux) or other programs capable of reading files in Microsoft Office 2010 and later
  • PowerPoint or other program to open pptx files
  • Quick time Player
  • VLC-Player (if videos are to be played independently of the presentation)
  • Hardware for sound output
  • Program for unpacking of zip files
  • Internet (for links to further information)

The content of the package can be copied to data media such as CDs, DVDs or USB sticks.


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