Tuition modules

Eight modules are available. Each module is divided into units that can be used independently, and provides an introduction to the subject in question with reference to a case study. Modules 0 to 6 can be accessed from the image on this page or via the "The modules" main menu item.

The benefits for you:

  • Tuition and further training materials free of charge
  • Based upon sound expertise and regularly updated
  • Customizable

The modules comprise over 500 Powerpoint lecture slides, supplemented by comprehensive materials such as presentation notes for lecturers, module descriptions, video, image and text examples, and exercises. In total, the complete modules including supplementary materials correspond to approximately seven double lecture hours.

Downloading in three steps:

The modules are available in the form of Zip or pptx files for downloading in three steps:

  1. Register once free of charge
  2. Log in with your e-mail address*
  3. Download the module files in Zip or pptx format

    Note: the login window closes once you have logged in. You must then click on the download link again in order to start the process.

* Detailed instructions